Foil has become a widely popular material to be used in wedding place cards and engagement invites. A touch of metallics helps add a wow factor to different elements associated with weddings. There are many reasons why foil has become a must-have with wedding place cards. Explore the main reasons you should be using foil when planning your wedding seating.

Adding Bling to Wedding Place Cards & Invitations

Foil is a metallic material and it is dyed in different colors such as gold, silver, and rose gold. When you choose to use foil in your place cards or invitations, they will be foil-printed in bulk and not colored using ink. You can have the cards printed in a foil color of your choice. This brings enhanced flash and color to the card, making it stand out.

Foil is not the only material that will be used in your cards. Its job is to add another dimension and a touch of classic look and feel.

Reasons for Using Foil in Wedding Place Cards

Here are the main reasons you should be using foil in your place cards:

1. Aesthetic Options

With foil, you have many options to make your place cards unique. You can choose the color of your choice or a combination that matches the theme of your wedding. Some of the popular options include:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Rose

Couples also choose foils in other colors. You can choose from hundreds of foil print combinations.

When organizing a wedding, it is difficult to customize things. Foil provides an exception. It can be customized to your preferences without increasing the costs. You can have any design printed in any color. Even the foil’s finish can be customized.

2. Save Time

Hot foiling is a simple and quick process. It allows you to create cards and invitations quickly, saving you valuable time. You can have your custom foil place cards or invitation cards made on short notice. It is common for couples to leave some things until the last minute. Foils can add to your party’s look and feel and your cards can be printed quickly.

3. Environment-Friendly

Using foils for your wedding place cards or invitations is also a good decision for the environment. For example, you can opt for foils made of recycled materials. Digital foiling process also helps produce lesser waste. Hot foil products are usually fully recyclable. You can send the cards to a recycling bin after your wedding.

4. Great Value

Wedding placecards and invitations with foils tend to look unique and special. The metallic shimmer looks attractive and adds a premium look and feel to your tables. The beautiful effect and positive impression created by the material deliver excellent value for money. Your guests will feel different when they find their name cards with glistening foil in them.

Thus, there are many benefits of using foil in your wedding place cards. Who doesn’t want their big day to become even more special? Using foils is a great way to enhance the look and feel of the occasion.