If you have finally found your soulmate and you are both looking forward to making the union official, there’s a lot to arrange. Of course, if budget isn’t an issue, you can hire a wedding organiser and let them take the strain, but for ordinary folk, we have to work within financial constraints.

To help you navigate your way to a successful wedding, here are a few mistakes to avoid.

  1. Going over-budget – It is easy to forget about cost, ordering things you need without keeping a running total; you don’t even know until after the wedding, when the invoices arrive in your inbox. You should source one of the affordable wedding venues in Sydney where everything in laid on, which really does keep costs down.
  2. Sending invitations too early – Yes, people do like to have a lot of notice when planning their social calendar, but if you rush to send out your invitations, you’ll probably forget something important. Check and double-check the invitation, making sure directions to the venue are included, along with any specific information your guests should have.
  3. Wrong entertainment – This is an easy mistake to make; rather than choosing an act that you like, think about your guests and cater more for their tastes. Some comedians can be a bit raw and bawdy, so make sure your guests won’t be offended by going through the act with the performer. Many choose a local DJ, or the venue’s resident DJ, who would have heaps of wedding party experience, this pretty much guarantees a full dance floor.
  4. Amateur videography – There is only one shot at recording your big day and if ever there was an occasion that demands professional videography, this would be it. Asking a friend might save you money and leave you regretting your decision; better to find a local videographer with reasonable rates and check out their portfolio first.
  5. Running out of alcohol – Only you know your guests well enough to be sure you won’t run out of their favourite tipple; if you choose a good venue, they have a full bar and whether you put some money behind for your guests or not, the choice is yours; people are fine if they have to pay for their drinks.

Your choice of venue will determine the stress level for you; check out testimonials on their website for accurate feedback from other couples and your wedding will be one to be remembered for all the right reasons.