A spontaneous wedding, also known as a pop-up wedding, takes the edge off of wedding planning. If you and your partner don’t care for the theatrics of an extravagant wedding but still want to celebrate your union, a small intimate ceremony surrounded by your closest friends and family is the perfect middle ground. Here are five tips to help you plan the perfect spontaneous wedding.

  1. Shorten the engagement

Planning a spontaneous wedding means that you’ll be keeping a huge secret from your friends and family. This can be tough, so keeping the engagement as short as possible is advisable. If you drag the engagement for too long, you might cave and tell people about your upcoming wedding. Aim to have the wedding three to six weeks after your engagement.

  1. Settle on a guest list

Unlike traditional weddings, spontaneous weddings have a smaller guest list. As such, you’ll have to be very intentional about who you invite. Curating a small list of dearest and closest friends and family is a good start. Once you settle on your guest list, the next step is to craft creative invitations. You’ll need a party-worthy diversion to get everyone there without giving away the real reason. A birthday, engagement party, or a Friendsgiving gathering are believable decoys.

  1. Find the perfect location

Ideally, your venue should be meaningful to you and your partner. It could be where you had your first date or your favourite restaurant in the city. Once you settle on a location, ensure that you can actually get married there. If it’s a place of business such as a bar or restaurant, talk to the owner or manager beforehand. Your venue will also inform the number of guests you invite, so ask how many people the premise can comfortably accommodate to avoid chaos during your special day.

  1. Hire a planner

Since you won’t have the help of your friends and family, a wedding planner will come in handy in helping you plan for your wedding. They will handle everything on your behalf, so you can go about your day to day life without raising suspicion.

  1. Choose the right vendors

A huge benefit of spontaneous weddings is that you don’t need many vendors. That said, there are some services that you shouldn’t compromise on. Do not skimp on photography and entertainment because, after all, this is your wedding day, and you do not get a do-over. Investing in tailored entertainment will ensure that you have a blast singing, and dancing to your favourite songs, and booking a professional photographer will ensure you get quality keepsakes of your wedding.


A spontaneous wedding allows you to focus on your partner and what makes you happy. So, focus on each other and savour every moment of this process. Good luck!