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How to Make That Special Day Unforgettable: Weddings in 2022

Whether you have been a couple all of your life, or you have just found love in the last year, deciding to tie the knot with someone is a huge decision. It is a huge decision as it is a massive commitment. You are literally saying that you want to spend the rest of your life with someone! Out of all the people in the world, you are picking this one person to be with forever. It is very romantic. However, you want to celebrate this event accordingly. This article is here to help you tick off some essentials of a wedding in 2022.

Get Your Memories

A wedding can pass by fast. There is nothing worse than feeling like the day has passed you by. This can easily happen with all the commotion and everything being go, go, go! It is special to be able to sit down after the wedding and look at photos to remember the special time. If you live in Central Coast, Australia, then hire your Central Coast wedding photographer to snap your favorite moments while you relax.


An essential of a wedding is to pick some good music. Whether people do not get on the dance floor until 1 am or if they are on it from the early evening, people will appreciate some good music. No one will know the crowd better than you will, you have literally handpicked them! Pick some good music, it will carry the day and make it unforgettable.


The food can make or break a wedding reception. Have your wedding host well informed on any dietary requirements of any guests. This will save any hassle that may arise through the hotel not having a certain ingredient. People usually want to get the dinner out of the way as quickly as possible so that they can begin to mingle and have some fun, therefore, having your wedding in a venue that you know and trust is also important.


This is really where the couple get to sit back and celebrate. The wedding is so hectic, with the bride and groom being pulled around the room to talk to everyone. The honeymoon is where the two can relax a little more. They can put their foot on the brake and take it easy. Make sure to book somewhere you both love, or would love to go for the honeymoon.

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