Paris is the city of love. Everything here is about love, from the embankments with romantic boats to the history firmly embedded in the stone walls of ancient houses. Paris is a city of beauty. The capital of fashion, the cradle of creativity, where people whose names are known all over the world created and still do. Paris is a city of freedom. The freedom to live, to create, to love as you see fit. Paris gives you the opportunity to repeat “This choice is mine!” with pride and a sense of the rightness of what is happening. 

It is in Paris that love is stronger, kisses are sweeter, and confessions are more sincere than anywhere else on the map. That’s why it’s best to confess your feelings, go crazy in the name of love and make the most romantic marriage proposal in Paris. Because Paris is synonymous with love and also…

Why is Paris the best place to propose? 

  1. Paris is literally made for long romantic walks, and contemplation of the beautiful, thoughtful study of history and architecture. If you like moving but unhurried leisurely, you don’t even have to lay out a route to see everything – just walk the streets and absorb all that Paris is ready to reveal to you. At the very least, typical cultural sites like the Louvre outside, Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower, or the Bridge of Lovers are always at your service. And, no, such an itinerary is not considered trivial if you have never seen it with your own eyes before. 
  2. In Paris, there is something for everyone. Do you want austere and solemn concerts of classical music, the art of legendary masters, and austere classics? Prefer an informal style and modernity? Dreaming of the atmosphere of black and white movies about love, ending with a kiss on the Eiffel Tower? Paris has it all and a little more. And, no, you don’t need to look for anything – what will make your heart beat faster, will find you itself, will catch up with you mercilessly, and all you have to do is to submit to the elements. Better in the company of your loved one, of course. 
  3. In Paris, you can not only look and listen but also taste. Home of fine cuisine, which dictates the rules of taste and tone, home of fine cheeses and wines, chocolate, airy croissants, cozy coffee houses, and lovely terraces overlooking the narrow streets … The taste of Paris is as diverse and unforgettable as art. You just need to taste it. And the classics of Mediterranean cuisine, and snails and grapes, and elite wines – all this is one common portrait – a portrait of France. And love. Especially if you remember the famous benefits of seafood for the body of a man in love. 
  4. Holidays in Paris can be not only unhurried but also … It is worth remembering that Paris is the birthplace of fashion, the ancestor of perfumes and the historical cradle of all more or less known couturiers, as the scale of the problem becomes clear. Stores, brands, boutiques, names… Chanel, Dior, Lagerfeld, Gaultier, Givenchy… To list would be a pain in the tongue, to study – the legs. But it is simply unacceptable not to look at least a couple, read – a crime against the world fashion. Moreover, besides big names, you will be surprised by local prices, which are much lower than you are used to. 
  5. In Paris, it is not difficult for you to find a very, special place for your task. The Seine embankment, the palace squares, the Bridge of Love or the Eiffel Tower in any plane – even from below, even from the observation deck – at your service. Any place is fine, any wrapped in romance and history, and just beautiful to look at. 

But, of course, if for you a marriage proposal is really an event, a milestone in the history of your love, it is best to prepare in advance. How?

Take matters into your own hands.

And organize the Perfect Proposal yourself, along with the perfect weekend or vacation, depending on when you have your return tickets purchased. It’s really not that hard, even fun, especially if you have a lot of extra time and a genuine love of planning. 

Because you have to think about a lot, if not everything. Itinerary, alternate route, route for the alternate route… And that’s just the road from the airport. And then there are round-trip tickets, hotel or apartment rentals, reservations for tickets, reservations for breakfast, reservations to avoid standing in line for years in the Louvre … In general, yes, we will have to plan a lot, and even more – to improvise on the fly when it turns out that the third planned vacation destination can not be found for some unknown reason. 

Think in advance where you will sleep, what to eat, how to move around. Stock up on removable chargers for phones, cameras, cameras, stabilizers, selfie sticks, because you have to shoot a lot, a long time and hard. And, alas, not always successfully. And pictures are unlikely to be joint, well, maybe just a couple. 

Well, and, of course, to decide in advance where exactly you will propose. You can skip all the other points, you can agree to the alternatives in everything but this. The location should be perfect for the two of you, the views should be perfect, the audience should clap, and the music should play something romantic. Can you manage it on your own? If not, it might be easier…

Turn to a professional proposal agency in Paris

And all the disadvantages of travel by wave of a magic wand of a miracle agent turned into advantages. A beautiful view? Here you go, and champagne on top. Restaurant rentals? Any class, any purse, as long as the license allows it. Photos, happy passersby, the sparkle and shine of your other half’s smile? Yes, yes, and once again yes, everything as you dreamed, but without the queues and unnecessary worry. 

Find the most beautiful, sensual, exciting location for the proposal. Also not a problem for an experienced agency. Moreover, professionals will make sure that everything went perfectly, the sun was shining, and in the hands of the audience in time were clappers and confetti to make the smile of your soul mate especially radiant. And, of course, all this will be accompanied by professional video and photo shoots, so that the memory of the most wonderful day in your life will stay with you for many, many years.

5 reasons to choose Vika Krol, the proposal agency number 1 in Paris!

  • Unique Proposal Experience

With the future bride’s vision in mind and Vika Krol’s expertise from over 1000 successful proposals, you can be sure to have an unforgettable proposal. From understanding your needs to capturing every special moment through specialized photography and videography, every detail will be taken care of.

  • Precision Planning

A proposal is a once-in-a-lifetime event that must be planned with precision. From flowers, candles, champagne, and decorations, to capturing every moment through photos and videos, Vika Krol will ensure that no detail is overlooked. Planning a proposal in another city can be overwhelming, but with Vika Krol by your side, you can relax and trust that everything will be taken care of.

  • Time-saving Ease

With just 5 minutes of communication with Vika Krol, you can focus on what’s important – being in the moment with your future wife. You can put aside your worries and just enjoy the experience, knowing that every detail has been carefully planned and executed.

  • Guaranteed Surprise

Creating a unique atmosphere is key to ensuring a successful surprise proposal. Vika Krol knows what women want and will work with you to create a customized experience that will leave your future wife in awe. With her experience and understanding of what women love, Vika Krol guarantees that your proposal will be a surprise and a memory your future wife will cherish for a lifetime.

  • Emotional Experience

Vika Krol goes beyond just planning and decorations, she wants to create a real emotional experience for both the groom and the bride. She works to ensure that the groom is relaxed and can fully experience the emotions of the proposal. Women often express a range of emotions during a proposal – from tears to laughter – and Vika Krol is there to capture every moment